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The time/life saver every derby person needs!


When this product came out we stood there holding it in our hands and muttering in amazement:

“It pops your bearings in and out in a matter of seconds like a full size bearing press… but it fits in your pocket…. it works on aluminum hub bed wheels…. but it fits in your pocket…. it’s only $15… and it fits in your pocket.”

You get the idea.

I don’t need to say much about this revolutionary gadget except that EVERYONE who owns a pair of skates and plans of changing their wheels should own one.   Blog end.

Well maybe I will go over quickly how it works:


To remove bearings:

1.  You hold the bearing press in your hands  and mutter “it fits in your pocket?!??….”  (pictured above)

2.  You press the button on the top of the tool which pulls in a pin at the bottom.  Then insert the tool into the center of your bearing.

3.  Release the pin (pictured above) and pull the bearing out of the wheel (also pictured above)

4.  Press the button at the top to release the bearing off of the tool and continue onto the next one at step 1 again.

To insert bearings:

1.  Do the reverse of removing the bearings.

It’s really that simple.  Too simple.  It almost feels wrong that it’s not more work….

The only downside is that it only comes in 8mm and does not yet come in 7mm version.  To those of you who have 7mm bearings the only thing I can say is… buy new skates.  ((juh kuh))

Buy it here before they run out of stock again:  NEW BONES BEARING TOOL

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