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Mommy, Where do Rollerskates come from?

In the beginning there was nothing.  Then Riedell said, “Let there be skates” and then there were skates on the Derby Girls’ feet.  And it was good.

So… Do you ever wonder where your skates came from?  I’ve put together some really cool little blog about how your hand-made skates came to be. Watch this great video from Riedell:

Video of Riedell Skates being Made

A pictorial Guide of skates being made:

Picture 1: Skates get cut out of the different leather

Picture 2: then they use templates to mask out where they want different parts of the skate to be sewn together.

Picture 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7: Then they sew the skate together in large leather sewing machines. Blades on the edge of the machine cut away excess leather.

Picture 8: They are then put on a machine called a “LASTER” which shapes the skate to different sized feet. If you have a wide foot they put it on a wide last.

Look at this crazy machine!

Here is a picture of Skates “in queue” to be put in the laster:

Then they nail the leather to the bottom of the skate with this machine:

When they come out they look like this:

Then a cement gets applied and heated by this heater which activates a glue so they can cement the sole to the skate.

Here is a picture of some skates getting ready to be soled:

Once the sole is cemented on then they must sew the sole on with an industrial sewing machine that can get through all these layers!

The whole process takes approx 4 weeks and when you are done you have an amazing set of rollerskates made in the U.S.  from the Riedell factory in Redwing,  MN.  Thanks Riedell!  Keep making awesome skates for us.

Here is a link to their build your own custom skates.  If you are interested in having Bruised Boutique help you build your dream skates, then please feel free to save them as a pdf and email them to:  info@bruisedboutique.com for a price quote!


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