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When do I replace my Pivot Cups?

Your skates are different than they used to be. You don’t know why, but they are just different. Maybe a little floppy loosey goosey. They just aren’t reacting the same. What’s that you say? You haven’t really adjusted them in the last two years? They skated fine until yesterday? Well in these installments we are going to look over some inexpensive and easy ways to tune up your skates.


Todays installment:  Pivot Cups

This is your pivot cup. It sits between your plate and your truck where the point of your truck meets the plate.  Pivot Cups cushion the truck when it moves (pivots) and creates a safe haven for friction so you don’t wear down the metal or nylon on your plate. When your pivot cups wear down your skates feel a bit out of control. They are loosey goosey. The pivot pin should sit snugly in this little cushion, without movement. If there is movement like below you should replace your pivot cups:


Also if they are no longer round shaped and look kind of oval they are wearing out.  Here I’m holding up a new pivot cup next to the old pivot cup.

When they wear out too much they can cause seriously damage to your plates or your trucks can pop off completely.

The good news: They are easy to replace and only cost $1 for all 4! You should check them often, a few times a year for wear. You can purchase them here: http://www.bruisedboutique.com/onlinestore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=77_95

Instructions for changing your pivot cups
1. Unscrew your kingpin nut with your skate tool
2. Take off the top cushion and the truck
3. Pop that sucker out with a screwdriver or something long and small
4. Pop your new pivot cup in its place
5. Put your truck and Cushion back on
6. Screw the kingpin nut back on.

That’s it folks…. next installment: Cushions: Regaining Control of your Skates by changing out those ratty stock cushions with soft derby style cushions!


That’s all for now!  Thanks and see you next week!



Dee Stortion

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